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BRAC ISD Physical classes will remain suspended until further notice due to the ongoing corona-virus


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Welcome to BRAC Institute of Skills Development


Graphics Design

Electrical Installation&Maintenance


Food & Beverage Service

Sewing Machine Operator

Refrigerator & air condition

BRAC ISD facilitates Industry demand driven & Competency based skills training in highly modern workshops; with one-to-one and hands-on training conducted by CBT&A certified trainer. The Training Programmes not only consist of Employability skill training, Occupational Safety and Health but also includes Assessment and Accreditation of the acquired skills. Trainees complete their course with Career Counselling, Industrial attachment, & Job Placement.

We strongly believe “every human being has the potential to impact and change the society positively”. BRAC-ISD redefines a person’s ability by discovering his/her hidden potential and train them at an institution of international standard. The vision is to change the living standard of the population, through thier own efforts and contribution.-- .

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রফিকুল ইসলামের অভাবনীয় সাফল্য

কুষ্টিয়ার ছেলে রফিকুল ইসলাম। ঢাকা কলেজ থেকে রসায়নে এম.এ পাশ করার পর হন্য হয়ে চাকরির পেছনে ঘুরলেও এখন তিনি আর চাকরির চিন্তাই করেন না। শুরুতে একটা ঔষধ কোম্পানিতে চাকরি করেছেন। তারপর যান, ইংল্যান্ডে পড়তে। কিন্তু ওখানে পড়াও হলো না, থাকাও হলো না। ফিরে এসে ব্যবসা করতে গিয়েও..

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